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Ophidian Aspect Chapter 3 Part III

[Ophidian Aspect ,Drezo Regalia ,Black Moon]

home of the dragon

*Authors Note* Sorry, I was a day late. School has been difficult, and I just lost track of time. Here’s the newest chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Part 3

As Drake walked back through the forest, he kept feeling a strange heat flow through his body, pulsing and then condensing, then disappearing. He couldn’t quite tell what it was, but he felt…  different somehow. It felt like the process of Gwyn testing his mana had changed some innate part of himself, something that before, had gone completely unnoticed.

He quickly shook off the feeling, and looked up at Yami, who had taken a much favored position between his horns.

[So, did that go like you wanted? She was a bit scarier than I was expecting from someone who is supposed to help your species.]

Peering over into the edge of Drake’s eyesight, he could see the small imp stick…

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Black Moon V2 Ch. 4

[Black Moon,Ophidian Aspect,Drezo Regalia]

home of the dragon

Author’s Note: Looking for Proofreaders who are interested.

Chapter 4

I woke up in a bolt and look around me. I was in a modern day hospital room . How did I get here? I wasn’t so sure. The last thing I remembered was fighting head-to-head with the Black Gryphon, buying some time for everyone to get back to the town. A sharp pain could be felt on the side and I pulled up my shirt. A thin white line with stitches could be seen. I was still in my child-like body. It made me sad to know that I was not back in my usual form.

Wait, the question is was there such a place in Torren? I mean I thought there wasn’t such technology here. Everything just look that much familiar.  

The door opens and both Don and Phil steps in the doorway. They were both in…

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Ophidian Aspect Chapter 3 Part I

enlightendragons.com [Ophidian Aspect , black moon ,drezo regalia]

home of the dragon

Chapter 3


Staring up at Drake, the imp squirmed as she slowly lowered herself to the ground.

[This really isn’t how giving me a name is supposed to work mister..]

Drake smirked to himself, leaned down and tussled her hair for a moment, before picking her up in his hand.

[And enough with calling me mister. I’m not near old enough for that. Call me Drake, it gets awkward pretty quickly. I don’t feel near old enough for that.]

Looking at Drake wide eyed, Yami shook her hands back and forth emphatically, her face flushing with color.

[No, no, no. I could never do that. You are much stronger than I am.]

Drake looked at Yami, and gave her a quizzical look. Yes, he was certainly stronger than her, but even if she wasn’t used to calling him by his name, he certainly preferred it.

[What does that have…

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Chapter 8 [Home 2.0]

The Valtras Myth

Mom woke me up when we got close to our new place. I expected something along the lines of an ordinary inconspicuous house. But instead they bought a whole block and turned into one lot. So we have a Victorian style mansion in the middle of a residential district. Don’t tell me they used magic for this?

All my sleepiness got blown away at that point. How is this an ordinary life?

We got in front of the gate and Hermes-jiisan opened it to get the cars inside. We parked in front of the garage, or maybe a workshop is a better fit since it looks like five cars could fit inside it.

I was about to help bring our stuff inside, but then Hermes-jiisan summoned his employees to bring them in instead. So I was left to wander around the mansion to look for a room. Should I be…

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